Powder Coating

Powder Coating

As part of our mission to offer the complete in-house manufacturing package to our customer we have a specialist powder coating system allowing us to provide a fully finished product to a very high standard.

Our specialist finishing system can handle either large quantities of powder coating, medium sized batches of items or one off items up to 3m x 3m square.
We have a rapid colour change system which allows us to quickly change the colour we are spraying allowing us to be flexible with different jobs

We also offer a range of specialist finishes such as ripple effect, hammer finish, fluorescent colours, specific motor industry colours, BS and all RAL colours.

Should you require we can also arrange to have a colour matching service allowing us to match existing powder coating.

Why have my product powder coated?
Powder coating has a superior finish to many other finishing techniques. The product is sprayed with electrostatically charged tiny power particles that stick to the material. Then to product is heated in an oven to a high temperature oven which causes the powder to form a seal over the metal. This stops the material from rusting or getting damaged and provides a professional long lasting finish.

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